Punkpost – New App will send your Halloween cards for you – Amazing!

The craft of handwriting has been fading in the digital age, people text and email far more frequently, but don’t tell the folks at Punkpost — I just discovered them recently, a company launched by a community of San Francisco artists, and it’s about to make your Halloween (and other holiday) preparations a whole lot easier.

logoTheir new and edgy app for the iPhone will send your Halloween (or any!) greeting cards, and did I mention they’ll be handwritten for you? This is the really different.

FML97EcCjxX2JnWyDoTNThwZXDlEB5lp0Ra7N0E-jCsThe Punkpost website boasts that their iPhone app will help you send handwritten cards (even with some cheerful confetti) in the same time you send a text. I went ahead and sent a few Halloween haunts my friends’ way. The first card is free by the way, so it is pretty darn easy to try.

The whole process indeed took a few minutes: I picked out a few edgy cards, wrote my spooky messages (“I know what you did last summer”) and pressed “Send” right there in the app

Punkpost did the rest of the work: they hand-transcribed those on the actual letterpress cards, put stamps on the envelopes and posted a photo report of my mail that had been sent. I especially liked the advance scheduling feature and arranged for a few future posts to go out later (So why not write a few Christmas cards now before the crazy season starts and I still have a few free weekends?).


I noticed also that cards can be typed in any language – even the newly introduced emoji that Apple brought to iOS a few days ago (Punkpost artists will draw those on the cards for you). Confetti costs $1.50 extra, and international postage – additional $1.

Best yet, after you send that first free card, the following Punkposts will cost you $6 each (however, this is still probably less than what you spend on a letterpress card and a stamp in a store, and I’m not even accounting for the saved time).

My Conclusion:

This is one of the COOLEST and easiest ways to send old fashioned snail-mail, and certainly the fastest. Especially if you aren’t too happy about your handwriting or simply don’t have the extra time.

ArtBlock 2014 in Downtown Pleasanton – It’s Summertime!

Pleasanton’s 1st Wednesday ArtBlock to Feature Over 30 of the Bay Area’s Most Creative Artists, Handcrafted Jewelry Makers, Sculptors and Photographers

Summer’s exciting monthly art event downtown puts emphasis on original artwork that is created locally

PLEASANTON: Beginning its third exciting year of bringing together the Bay Area’s best artists, sculptors, hand made jewelers and photographers, ArtBlock 2014 will debut on Wednesday May 7th at the 1st Wednesday Street Party in downtown Pleasanton.

ArtBlock is the destination for creativity as an outdoor bizarre scheduled for May 7th, June 4th, July 2nd, August 6th and September 3rd. Accompanied by live music and many options for food and entertainment, ArtBlock draws thousands of visitors to its eclectic displays each year since 2012. The event takes place from 6pm to 9pm, right on Angela Street at Main St.

Award-winning local artists, sculptors and jewelry crafters, all who specialize in exquisite, hand-made arts and crafts, will be there in person to showcase, discuss and sell their works.


Special display for May 7th: Landscape Artist Tyler Abshier
Abshier’s oil paintings depict and interpret the California landscape. In his own vision he brings a clear-eyed realism and sense of space that is imbued with his love of the journey, the joy of discovery and the quiet, contemplative beauty that moves his spirit. He will be available in person from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

2014 Featured Artisans:
Matt Watts, Nancy Allen, Barbara Santos, David and Bettie Gooseman, Thom Corey, Joyce Carter, Lily Xu, Rahul Prasad, Debbie Wardrope, Rashmi Kotadia, Lori Castro, The Pleasanton Art League, Joe Milelli, Claudette McDermott, Patrick Mock, The Sunol Art Guild, Wes Lem, Carolina Duran-Johnson, Holly Van Hart, Stacey Hannon, Sue Evans, Adriana Ayala, Barbara Azzopardi – Radar, Marcus Tikotsky, Chelsea Tikotsky, Erika Richert, Anne Giancola, Gigi Erickso, Esther Ailor

.ArtBlock’s Lively Music: 
Adding to the enjoyment of art, May’s ArtBlock has scheduled popular musician Michael Montoya.


Creator and Story Teller Steven Ruse visits Pleasanton

Studio Seven Arts kicks off its first trunk show of the spring – a special event featuring the precious jewelry and unique fossilized carvings of artisan Steven Ruse.  An artisan and storyteller, Ruse showing a wide collection of his handmade and intricately fashioned works, including rings, bracelets, pendants and fossilized carvings, will be featured and discussed at a special Trunk Show on Friday,


March 22nd at the downtown ImagePleasanton Gallery from 10am – 5pm. Ruse creates distinctive jewelry pieces and this year will have rings for men in addition to his impressive collection of jewelry. Local to California, Ruse’s work is inspired by the brilliance, colors and natural wonders of the Pacific coast. A former deep-sea diver, Ruse began fashioning his vast collection of artifacts and precious stones to create jewelry for his wife, and later, for everyone. Ruse’s work inspires natural appeal, due to the artisan’s use of fine silver and distinct metals, beautifully colored precious stones, and fossilized ivory, polished and fashioned for his carvings. Ruse makes use of fine silver (99.9% silver) for many of his jewelry creations that also are adorned with an array of fittingly colored precious stones and mineral specimens selected by hand, found in stunning colors.

Studio Seven Arts Presents March Exhibition for Artist Josef Kote

Exhibition features Tranquil Boats and Water Themes


Studio Seven Arts, the Bay Area’s largest fine art gallery, today announced a special artist exhibition in February and March featuring the works of contemporary artist Josef Kote.


The Kote exhibition, in downtown Pleasanton at 400 Main Street at Angela Street, features paintings of boats and water, with an impressive collection of limited edition giclees.

Josef Kote is a contemporary painter combining classic and abstract styles with sweeps of vivid color to create stunning, a unique edgy and current style of art.


Living in New York for more than a decade, Kote has refined his style in different parts of the world, including Greece. Kote’s artistic trademarks are his bold brushwork and vibrant colors, usually applied in thick strokes with a pallet knife. The results are bold yet calming paintings of boats on the water, in addition to architecture and landscapes.

Master Jewelry Maker Pom Visits Pleasanton for Trunk show

Entering the 2013 Holidays shopping season, gift hunters and holiday jewelry lovers have ample options for jewelry, from the standard fair at large department stores to online retailers. But instead of finding “what everyone already has” Studio Seven Arts of Pleasanton is presenting the handmade jewelry of master artisan “Pom” – a local Bay Area jeweler with unique, beautiful creations.  

ImagePom’s custom jewelry designs are both of the finest quality and local, putting his 20+ years of hand-crafted experience and precision into each piece.

To create his jewelry, Pom selects semi-precious gems, lustrous pearls, unusual 14Kt gold-filled findings and Sterling Silver to match with other carefully selected gemstones and processes that present the highest quality.
For the first time in three years you are invited to meet the artist Pom to discover and discuss his amazing one of a kind works at this special Trunk Show on Saturday, Nov. 16th from 11:00am to 3:00pm at the downtown Pleasanton gallery.

Studio Seven Arts
Studio Seven Arts is the Bay Area’s largest art gallery has been voted by readers as the ‘Best Art Gallery in Pleasanton’ by the Pleasanton Weekly in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 was awarded the ‘Best of the East Bay’ by Diablo Magazine for three years running, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Located in the heart of downtown Pleasanton, the gallery specializes in fine art from nationally collected and regional artists, uniquely handcrafted jewelry and custom art framing

Award Winning Artist Karen Neely Visits Pleasanton – Showcases Miniature Landscapes of California Coast

Award Winning Artist Karen Neely Visits Pleasanton to Create and Discuss California Coast Themed Miniature Masterpieces

Oct. 28th 2013 Award winning artist Karen Neely is painting miniatures at Studio Seven Arts on Saturday, Nov. 2nd.   Neely is inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the ocean and the splendors of vineyards, gardens and surrounding landscapes.

Image  Image

Neely envisions and then carefully paints incredibly detailed works of art, primarily in acrylics. She favors miniatures (as small as 3” by 4”) and each of her works is an original. The paintings depict coastal scenes, vineyards, birds and other sites along California’s Central Coast. Today Karen’s works are included in prominent collections globally, and on occasion, adorn the walls of business such as wineries and home décor shops.

Studio Seven Arts Hosts Paintings of Award-Winning Bay Area Artist Karen White

ImageStudio Seven Arts is hosting an Exhibition for artist Karen White with an appearance  on Saturday morning, October 12th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.   Here she will display and discuss her work with gallery visitors in downtown Pleasanton. 

White specializes in landscapes and still life paintings. She takes a progressive approach to her work with strong, simplified design and saturated color.  In her work, she often uses big brushes and confident strokes. She makes use of vivid colors and a range of textures that convey a range of emotions.  Quieter scenes, such as those that might be found in the California foothills on a misty morning, call for “softer-edged brushwork and gentler color shifts to tell a story of serenity and calm,” she notes.

The Bay Area has been Karen White’s home since the 1960s, when the area was more agricultural. She has studied for many years at the Pacific Art League, California Academy of Painters and Palo Alto Art Center.