Bay Area: Florence de Bretagne at Pleasanton gallery

Red Balloons and Playful Touches of Paris in Spring Arrive in Pleasanton as Studio 7 Fine Arts Welcomes Renowned Artist Florence de Bretagne

The pure anticipation and brilliant colors of Spring will be in full bloom in Downtown Pleasanton on Saturday June 5th, when masterful contemporary artist Florence de Bretagne makes her debut at the Studio 7 Fine Arts Gallery, located in the heart of Main Street.

Bretagne’s work stems from European training that ignites the imagination with her wavy and wonderful artistic styles. The breathtaking results are whimsical paintings that burst with verve and character to inspire childhood delights. This is achieved through her use of bright and thematic colors, the portrayal of natural elements—usually with a twist—and unsurpassed creativity.

“The wonderfully fun and unpredictable visual scenes created by Florence de Bretagne paintings create a very special display opportunity for Studio 7 Fine Arts,” said Dirk Christiansen, the owner of Studio 7.  “As Spring reaches its peak, we welcome gallery visitors who will experience the season with paintings that both inspire and redefine a room.”

Bretagne, expertly trained at the National School for Decorative Arts in Paris, will be painting in person on Saturday June 5th (Event from 10:00am to 4:00 pm) as she creates and describes her differing styles while guiding visitors through her inspirations and various paintings, which will be on display at Studio 7 Fine Arts.

Guests who visit the gallery will not only experience the paintings, but also receive a great red balloon welcoming them and the paintings of Florence upon their arrival.

Florence de Bretagne’s colorful art creations can be found at the artist’s Web site:

About Studio 7 Fine Arts
Studio 7 Fine Arts, the East Bay Area’s largest and most impressive fine art gallery, is located in the heart of downtown Pleasanton on Main Street. Find more information by phoning the gallery at (925) 846-4322 or on the Web, at


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