Bay Area – Four questions for Juan Archuleta (part 1)

1) What is it about the East Bay Area’s natural scenes that have inspired your work the most?

For me, the varied aspects of the geography of our surrounding hills, mountains and micro climates. I am so richly rewarded from morning to evening watching the light play from season to season.

The record of our foothills in my brushwork started with a weekend event a few years ago hiking and staying out overnights on the ridges of Mt. Diablo.  Arranged by the Lindsay Museum of Walnut Creek.

Pastoral Mount Diablo

It did –and will for a long time to come — inspire me to new awareness.   I have since returned and looked for new areas, mostly in the immediate area here in East Bay.

Many of my clients have taken me to their favorite spots on hikes or walks, and in turn, commissioned paintings that have become my best selling reproductions in Giclee (a very high end form of printing).


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