Bay Area – Four questions for artist Juan Archuleta (part 3)

Considering the California (and Bay Area) art gallery scene in 2010, is there any trend that Bay Area and especially Tri-Valley area collectors can be aware of right now?

There is a new trend, no doubt, because of the economy, of buying a cheaper form of art to supplant the need of having our walls with a new visual message.  We need to be careful of this both from the collector and artist’s standpoint. There is the danger that the driving force for the artist, their inspiration, will be stifled by the need to create a more economical expedient expression of their talent.  Danger from the Client standpoint of having to replace the work when they find that what seemed to cheer their pocket book did not do the same for long enough on their walls.

Though there is some concern on my part because I am now entering my prime in both my work and aspiration for my future work, to have patrons who want the best no matter what the cost,  I believe that cream will always rise to the top. Whether it is my work or some other artist,  we will all be inspired and share in the benefit of living in an area that truly inspires the very best in art.  We live in one of the most prosperous areas in California, perhaps the nation.  We will no doubt see this reflected in the display of some of the best art work in California if not the nation.

In my estimation, one of the most beautiful galleries within the area is the Pleasanton Gallery, in California, Studio 7 Fine Arts.  The lay out and lighting of the gallery is absolutley inspiring.  It is under new ownership, and portends to be a gallery that will start this new trend of pulling the very best work from the best artists to this, found at one of the best locations.
Mist Morning - Monceall, Paris

Mist of the Morning, Monceau, Paris


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