East Bay Social- Frogman artist Tim Cotterill Leaps into Pleasahttps://lifeinpleasanton.wordpress.com/2010/08/17/east-bay-social-frogman-artist-tim-cotterill-leaps-into%C2%A0pleasanton/nton

Studio 7 Fine Arts to host sculptor Tim Cotterill

Lovers of art and nature will be welcomed to experience a brilliant showcase of bronze frog sculptures with their creator, the Frogman, at Studio 7 Fine Arts Gallery, 400 Main Street in downtown Pleasanton.

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On Saturday, Aug. 28, renowned artist Tim Cotterill, “The Frogman,” is presenting his latest work at the Gallery, offering some of his brilliant pieces. The Frogman, originally from Leicester England,  is well known for his creative works, including his signature bronze, platinum and stainless steel frog sculptures, art pieces that epitomize the colorful, joyous and zany creatures.

Frogman to be in Pleasanton Saturday, Aug 28th

Tim’s frog sculptures are featured at Studio 7 Fine Arts in the most eye catching colors, such as neon greens and blues, fiery reds, bright yellows and silver. Studio 7 Fine Arts will also feature a very special collection for the Gallery, called “Vanquish” which is a special edition of stainless steel frogs.  Vanquish is the first Frogman sculpture edition that is cast in striking high-polished stainless steel, and in a limited edition count. The Vanquish creation is directly influenced by the elegant but muscular bodies of today’s emerging car designs.

All of Cotterill’s remarkable sculptures make ideal accoutrements to a living room, desktop or kitchen, really just about anywhere.

“The Frogman always creates excitement through his work and the gallery is continuing to offer exclusive collections, such as Vanquish,” said Dirk Christiansen, owner of the Studio 7 Fine Arts. “The Saturday event is going to be very different and lots of fun for contemporary art and nature lovers alike.”

About the Frogman:
Tim Cotterill, also known as Frogman, was born in Leicester, England, in 1950. He left school at the age of fifteen to complete a six year engineering apprenticeship. Intrigued with metal working, Cotterill created radical wheeled vehicles and metal sculptures of animals and birds during the ’70s and ’80s. His original steel, bronze and gold bird and animal sculptures are found in art collections throughout the world.

About Studio 7 Fine Arts
Studio 7 Fine Arts, the East Bay Area’s largest and most impressive fine art gallery, named the “Best Art Gallery in Pleasanton” by the Pleasanton Weekly in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, is located in the heart of downtown Pleasanton on Main Street. Find more information by phoning the gallery at (925) 846-4322 or on the Web, at http://www.studio7finearts.com

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