Pleasanton Patch profiles “People in Pleasanton” Dirk Christiansen

My friends at the quickly rising Pleasanton Patch – a new kind of news site focused on Micro communities, recently profiled Dirk Christiansen, owner of the Studio Seven Arts gallery in Pleasanton.

People in Pleasanton: Dirk Christiansen

Patch profiles city’s residents.

By Meenu Kaushal | Email the author | September 29, 201
Credit Meenu Kaushal

How many years have you lived in Pleasanton?

I have lived here for 25 years now.

What changes have you seen in the city over these years?

Over the past 25 years, the downtown has changed a lot, most of it was empty. Long time back, there were not so many shops, the library was a small building, but it has always been a good community to live in. Unlike now, earlier most of the shopping was done at the mall and not at the downtown and there were not so many restaurants in downtown as well.

See the rest here…


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