Brazil’s Hidden Treasures found with artist Talita Suassuna

There is often a rich story behind every piece of art that has at some point captured your imagination. Once you gaze upon the works of Pleasanton’s Talita Suassuna, this becomes readily apparent.

However, the varied stories behind Talita’s works, especially at first glance, are anything but obvious. Her art captivates the eye with bursting colors and intricacy –this part is really obvious!  The colors are placed in harmony and done quite boldly, yet smoothly. This draws you in more closely, studying the subjects depicted. And once you are focused, you find that weaved into Talita’s work is a creative symphony of stories that all flow together.

Central to Talita’s work is her Brazilian culture, this includes nature’s elements, such as the rainforests, personality, folk art and legend, her ideas–possibly from memories and dreams– and yes, life itself. Be it the different leaves of the rainforest, little flowers, other shapes and sometimes feminine figures. This story is more profound than a collection of bright colors, it is cheerful with a deeper meaning, what I think of as the many cycles that are all around us.


According to her web site, Talita utilizes hand-painted paper cut outs and textiles, which she cuts and pastes in layers to form bright, optimistic, nurturing and cheerful shapes.

If you have the opportunity to meet Talita, with her signature raven black hair and bold eyes, she might happily explain that her culture has fused naturally with her art, and when you learn she is now happily living with her family and painting (the work of her own dreams) right here in the Bay Area–the story all comes together quite naturally.
You can see Talita’s beautiful work on her website and at Studio Seven Arts gallery in Pleasanton, at 400 Main Street.

Colors culture and life itself mark her work



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