Octavia Bloom Jewelry – Vintage Style Mashes up with Southwest Appeal

It is a really interesting fusion of color and character.   There is a fast growing movement for the growth of boutique, couture brands of jewelry that feature exclusively handmade pieces. And there is no better example than the rapidly emerging Octavia Bloom brand created by Jenny Christiansen, originally from Pleasanton and who is now living in the ‘Big Sky Country’ of Montana.

Just what is Octavia Bloom? Start with uniquely creative and colorful handmade jewelry, decked out with beads and unique touches that are both expressive and circular, like Mandalas.

The necklaces and earrings are quite the blend between vintage and modern southwestern looks, due to their colors, shapes and splendid use of differing beads. You wont find them at big retail stores, as these pieces are not foreign made, by the thousand.

Octavia Bloom's creator: Jenny Christiansen

A little background about the founder and designer:  Jenny began in the jewelry business with a very small collection of hand-crafted jewelry, originally inspired as her hobby, even as a teen ager, but things expanded rapidly when her line was discovered then picked up by Anthropologie. That spurred the creation of Octavia Bloom, which was named partially for the famous street in San Francisco (one of her favorites!) and Bloom for the beauty of a flower.

Talk to Jenny this month and she’ll let you know that it’s going to be great to be back in my childhood home of  Pleasanton for the 2010 holidays and at the Studio Seven special Saturday Trunk show, which will showcase Octavia Bloom’s freshest and boldest designs. The unique pieces appeal to both dressy holiday looks and for modernized casual wear with a style-first attitude.

Special Saturday Trunk Show @ Studio Seven Arts in Pleasanton:
In the heart of the holiday shopping season,  anyone passing through Pleasanton is welcome to receive a personalized display of the 2010/2011 Octavia Bloom collection at her Studio Seven Trunk show, located at 400 Main Street in downtown.

Jenny will be there in person to discuss and demonstrate her exclusive designs. The trunk show is on Saturday Dec. 11th, from 10am to 2:00pm. Highlighted will be custom hand crafted pieces that are exclusive to Studio Seven Arts.


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