Soothing Music of Tina Malia – Extraordinary Relaxation

I usually write about art in the physical form, paintings, sculptures (as my readers have seen) however, today I’ll gladly cover music.

Interestingly, the artist I’ve chosen, Tina Malia, is living right here in the Bay Area, staying with the local theme of my posts.

More ironically, as I brought her up on my iPod tonight then looked her up on the web to see what she is up to, I learned that she joined Twitter today as well to promote all of her events; so I followed her promptly @lifenpleasanton + @tinamaliamusic.

Best yet, Tina has scheduled a concert tour, Song of the Soul, upcoming for April, along with GuruGanesh, where she will make a stop in Santa Rosa (April 15th at 7:30) among some other local places. I now feel obligated to attend! The song to hear from her latest release is the Bright Star Duet, I’m listening at this very second.

The Artist Tina Malia

But most importantly is that her music is a “must listen” and my wife very much agrees.

I first heard Tina’s music  in 2007 when I was searching “New Age” in the range of Enya, and I luckily came across one of her first popular songs,  Forever” from her release “Shores of Avalon.”  This song is a rare mix of peaceful and even slightly haunting – all at once. You can listen for yourself at the link and be sure to purchase at iTunes.

So, a gracious shout out to an extraordinary artist.


PS Good luck with your tour Tina and GuruGanesh!


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