Artist Lu Jian Jun Pleasanton Exhbition Starts June 1

As a special first time gallery event, an exhibition featuring celebrated artist Lu Jian Jun, occurs at Studio Seven Arts, from June 1st to  July 4th. The exhibition kicks off with a visit by the artist  during the Downtown Pleasanton “First Wednesday” summer evening event.

Zhen Fei Painting

“Lu Jian Jun’s mix of realism brushed with Far East influences result in figurative oil paintings that typify the very best of world-class, Asian-inspired fine art,” said Dirk Christiansen, owner of Studio Seven Arts.  “Lu’s paintings featured in the exhibition are characterized by feminine warmth, magnetism and mystery, making this collection an amazing encounter for both experienced collectors and art lovers in the Bay Area.”

The Dragon Dress

Lu’s works featured at Studio Seven Arts, including ‘The Dragon Dress’ will be displayed and discussed by the artist on Wednesday June 1st, from 6:00pm to 9:00 pm. 

Lu’s paintings have been exhibited, collected and awarded globally throughout exhibitions and special events in Europe, Asia and North America.

Lu’s paintings are available in large and prominent sizes, offering the color, balance and calming tones that serve as art centerpieces for the décor of Far East influenced homes, restaurants, hotels and offices.

For more information about the exhibition and other fine art questions, contact Jan Mahood, art director,


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