Christmas in July? It’s real in Pleasanton

Apple-Tinis, a glass of Scotch and Santa Hats on a hot summer night?

The best traditions often come in surprising forms – and one growing Pleasanton tradition is an extremely social event: “Christmas in July,” and it’s happening Saturday July 23rd.

Most importantly, it features the “12 Bars of Christmas right here in P-Town!

Just what is that? A large local crowd getting together and paying cheerful visits to just about every watering hole on Main Street over the course  of roughly 10 hours (from 3pm into the wee hours.)

Updated to list the participating Bars and Restaurants:
Haps,  Cafe Main, Gay Nineties Pizza, Blue Agave Restaurant, Red Coats Pub, Main St. Brewery, Albertos restaurant, Stacey’s Restaurant, Pastime Pool, Fernando’s, Oasis, Barones. And it all starts with some food and pre-party at Studio Seven Arts.



A Dozen Questions & Answers about attending the 12 Bars….

1. Who created the 12 Bars? Local real estate and community A-LISTERS  Gina Piper & Sophie Aretta

2. Why? Because its a lot of fun and supports local businesses

3.Will it be hot? Heck yes it’s going to be hot but wear a sweater anyway.

4. Will you see Santa? Only if you make it past midnight!

5. Can you last through all 12 bars? YES if you eat plenty of cheese at Studio Seven Arts, serving nibbles in the Gallery from 3:00 to 4:00pm — the event launch pad found at 400 Main Street, across from Tully’s, before the REAL drinking starts.

6. Does it draw a crowd?  Expect as many as 100 at the peak

7. Do you need an itinerary with reservations? No, you can just follow everyone. But if you want one, visit the 12 Bars Facebook site.

8.  Who serves the best drinks?  You be the judge-we want a full report in the response column of this blog.

9. Who has the loudest music? Okay, I’ll just give that away early to Red Coats British Pub! (Yeah I’ve been there a few times.)

10.  Can you drive home? Absolutely not, call a cab or a friend!

11. Can you sleep on the street with Santa?  No – Not until December, but book a room at the historic Rose Hotel, as they have a special room rate that can be found at Gina’s 12 Bars event site.

12.  Will you live to see Christmas? YES if you follow facts 1 to 11!

For me, it will be my first 12 Bars in P-Town and I’m looking forward to it, thanks for Gina and Sophie in rallying the cause.


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