Personalize Your Holiday -Pleasanton Gallery Goes Handmade

Handmade Jewelry Appeal and Personal Works of Artisans Make 2011 Holidays SpecialNovember and December Trunk Shows Highlight Holiday Downtown Shopping

Personalization can be the key to making a terrific holiday season. This holiday season in the Tri-Valley can be made memorable with carefully selected purchases that reflect unique, handcrafted and truly personalized decorations and gifts, from artisans creating customized jewelry, hand blown glass and paintings.

  • Creator Michael Michaud “Silver Seasons” jewelry Saturday (Nov. 12th-31st)
  • Jewelry by Bay Area’s own “Pom” (featured Saturday Nov. 19th )
  • Twisted Silver of Pleasanton’s Debra Mitchell (featured Saturday Nov. 26th)
  • Anna Whitmore – (featured Saturday Dec. 3rd)
  • Amy Faust – (featured Saturday Dec.11th)

Studio Seven Arts promotes “Personalize Your Holiday” throughout the season, where carefully selected and expert artisans will be present in the Gallery to discuss and offer unique choices, works that are always original, 100% handmade, and use high quality materials, such as precious metals, gemstones, and crystals that make for the very best available.

Pom's Handmade Earrings - Feature Pearls, Green Amethyst and Labradororite

Personalize Your Holiday at Studio Seven Arts is typified by the Silver Seasons jewelry collection to be shown in Trunk Show on Saturday, Nov. 12th. The Silver Seasons collection combines his exceptional experience and knowledge in jewelry making along with vast creativity, depicting the elegance of nature, featuring brilliant silvers, bronze around botanical themes.

Anna Whitmore is a jewelry designer in Northern California who works with oxidized sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones.

Debra Mitchell of Pleasanton’s Twisted Silver makes stylish, eco-friendly hand-made jewels of silver, and various recycled materials.

Amy Faust makes jewelry with beautiful color, fine metal smithing, uncomplicated, very wearable jewelry designs that stand out by using eco-friendly silver, gold, beach glass, vintage glass, pottery, pebbles and gems.

Pom’s jewelry pieces feature both classic and fashion-forward looks, delivering brilliant designs with high-quality semi-precious stones at their foundation. From Thailand originally, Pom’s necklaces, earrings are anything but low profile. They are tasteful, unique and sparkle when worn.



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