March Exhibition: “Mix It Up” Features Dazzling Diversity of Works

Raku Ceramics, Asian wall hangings, and Varied Abstract and Oil Paintings Inspire Unconventional Gallery Exhibition 

PLEASANTON, Calif.; Mar. 5, 2012: Studio Seven Arts, the top destination for fine art, handcrafted jewelry and custom framing in the East Bay, today announced its March exhibition, “Mix It Up” featuring five Mixed Media artists.

Liz Collins, Corey West, Sylvia Thompson, Georgia Quinlan and Jordan King will display their diverse talents with an assortment of hand-made works of art, including abstract paintings, ceramics, fiber and metal wall hangings, oil pastels, paper map musings, and paintings with wine-inspired foils and corks.

Light and Twilight by Corey West

Additionally, visiting the gallery will be Sylvia Thompson, to display and discuss her latest works including textured paintings inspired by New Orleans Jazz and the various indulgences of California Wine Country. These events are planned for the St Patrick’s weekend; Friday night, Mar. 16th (6pm to 9pm) and Saturday, Mar. 17th (10am to 2pm) during the Pleasanton Brew Crawl on Main Street.

“Fortunately, there is no limit to art and our ‘Mix It Up’ exhibition throughout March takes this to another level of creativity,” said Dirk Christiansen, owner of Studio Seven Arts. “The featured collection of local, mixed media artists pushes boundaries, excites the eye and delivers something different each week.”

Sylvia Thompson Jazz and Wine

Mixed Media Featured Artists

  • ·       Liz Collins artistic works feature award winning oil pastels that are whimsical, colorful and fun with an often odd perspective. She makes use of oil pastel, acrylic, maps, music and writing on panel and paper 
  • Corey West displays an artistic passion stemming from brushing ‘layers of texture’ into her paintings with mixed media and abstract expressions – combining layer upon layer of acrylic, ink, soft pastels and papers. Her works are often abstract and meant to be touched by the hand.
  • Sylvia Thompson is a New Orleans born artist also residing in the Bay Area. She is inspired by Napa’s wine country and collects unique wine bottle foils and features them in her acrylic paintings as a medium for the images, giving them texture and new dimensions. Her paintings range from wine themes to those based on New Orleans jazz music, architecture, and culture.
  • Georgia Quinlan of Pleasanton specializes in Asian influenced wall hangings and various artistic pieces that she hand makes from a variety of materials, including fabric, glass, beads, silk flowers, wood, wire, rock, and whatever else might catch her eye. Her works can be born of pure serendipity and the results are always entirely unique.
  • Jordan King is a ceramic artist residing in Pleasanton who features both decorative Raku and functional soda-fired vessels. He draws a connection between his firing methods and the practice of mindfulness with the instinct to slow down life to enjoy the present moment. His goal is to create vessels that contrast the mundane and mass produced ceramic wares and instill an awareness and appreciation of true craft and traditions.

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