Bay Area’s Signature Abstract Artists for Late Summer Exhibition

Studio Seven Arts is having its final exhibition of the Summer, featuring a collection of Abstract art from most accomplished and creative Bay Area artists, ones both internationally recognized and wholly original.  Six featured artists, working in oil, acrylic and water colors, include:

  • Bernard Weston: He masters the subtle use of monochromatic colors with visual intensity
  • James Leonard: Intrepid with his unique vision for contrasts, dark to bright, white to gray.
  • Corey West: She brings eccentric shapes, bold colors and infinite outcomes
  • Courtney Jacobs: she brings motion to the canvass, heavy colors, thick brush strokes
  • Julia Brucker: She offers a soft dance with elegant lines, pleasing and natural colors
  • The Artist Hines: Original combinations of color, technique coming from a fiery and openly inspired style

The Open House is Saturday from 10:00am to 7:00pm,  Aug. 11th with a special afternoon artists reception from 12:00pm-3:00pm, with where all visitors are welcome to meet the artists.

“Visually inviting abstract art featured at the exhibition stems from the various styles of the diverse group of artists, whose works range from bright colorful expressions to subtle monochromes,” said Dirk Christiansen, owner of Studio Seven Arts.  “Imagination and painting without rules converges in these spectacular pieces.”

Corey West:


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