Punkpost – New App will send your Halloween cards for you – Amazing!

The craft of handwriting has been fading in the digital age, people text and email far more frequently, but don’t tell the folks at Punkpost — I just discovered them recently, a company launched by a community of San Francisco artists, and it’s about to make your Halloween (and other holiday) preparations a whole lot easier.

logoTheir new and edgy app for the iPhone will send your Halloween (or any!) greeting cards, and did I mention they’ll be handwritten for you? This is the really different.

FML97EcCjxX2JnWyDoTNThwZXDlEB5lp0Ra7N0E-jCsThe Punkpost website boasts that their iPhone app will help you send handwritten cards (even with some cheerful confetti) in the same time you send a text. I went ahead and sent a few Halloween haunts my friends’ way. The first card is free by the way, so it is pretty darn easy to try.

The whole process indeed took a few minutes: I picked out a few edgy cards, wrote my spooky messages (“I know what you did last summer”) and pressed “Send” right there in the app

Punkpost did the rest of the work: they hand-transcribed those on the actual letterpress cards, put stamps on the envelopes and posted a photo report of my mail that had been sent. I especially liked the advance scheduling feature and arranged for a few future posts to go out later (So why not write a few Christmas cards now before the crazy season starts and I still have a few free weekends?).


I noticed also that cards can be typed in any language – even the newly introduced emoji that Apple brought to iOS a few days ago (Punkpost artists will draw those on the cards for you). Confetti costs $1.50 extra, and international postage – additional $1.

Best yet, after you send that first free card, the following Punkposts will cost you $6 each (however, this is still probably less than what you spend on a letterpress card and a stamp in a store, and I’m not even accounting for the saved time).

My Conclusion:

This is one of the COOLEST and easiest ways to send old fashioned snail-mail, and certainly the fastest. Especially if you aren’t too happy about your handwriting or simply don’t have the extra time.