Creator and Story Teller Steven Ruse visits Pleasanton

Studio Seven Arts kicks off its first trunk show of the spring – a special event featuring the precious jewelry and unique fossilized carvings of artisan Steven Ruse.  An artisan and storyteller, Ruse showing a wide collection of his handmade and intricately fashioned works, including rings, bracelets, pendants and fossilized carvings, will be featured and discussed at a special Trunk Show on Friday,


March 22nd at the downtown ImagePleasanton Gallery from 10am – 5pm. Ruse creates distinctive jewelry pieces and this year will have rings for men in addition to his impressive collection of jewelry. Local to California, Ruse’s work is inspired by the brilliance, colors and natural wonders of the Pacific coast. A former deep-sea diver, Ruse began fashioning his vast collection of artifacts and precious stones to create jewelry for his wife, and later, for everyone. Ruse’s work inspires natural appeal, due to the artisan’s use of fine silver and distinct metals, beautifully colored precious stones, and fossilized ivory, polished and fashioned for his carvings. Ruse makes use of fine silver (99.9% silver) for many of his jewelry creations that also are adorned with an array of fittingly colored precious stones and mineral specimens selected by hand, found in stunning colors.