Punkpost – New App will send your Halloween cards for you – Amazing!

The craft of handwriting has been fading in the digital age, people text and email far more frequently, but don’t tell the folks at Punkpost — I just discovered them recently, a company launched by a community of San Francisco artists, and it’s about to make your Halloween (and other holiday) preparations a whole lot easier.

logoTheir new and edgy app for the iPhone will send your Halloween (or any!) greeting cards, and did I mention they’ll be handwritten for you? This is the really different.

FML97EcCjxX2JnWyDoTNThwZXDlEB5lp0Ra7N0E-jCsThe Punkpost website boasts that their iPhone app will help you send handwritten cards (even with some cheerful confetti) in the same time you send a text. I went ahead and sent a few Halloween haunts my friends’ way. The first card is free by the way, so it is pretty darn easy to try.

The whole process indeed took a few minutes: I picked out a few edgy cards, wrote my spooky messages (“I know what you did last summer”) and pressed “Send” right there in the app

Punkpost did the rest of the work: they hand-transcribed those on the actual letterpress cards, put stamps on the envelopes and posted a photo report of my mail that had been sent. I especially liked the advance scheduling feature and arranged for a few future posts to go out later (So why not write a few Christmas cards now before the crazy season starts and I still have a few free weekends?).


I noticed also that cards can be typed in any language – even the newly introduced emoji that Apple brought to iOS a few days ago (Punkpost artists will draw those on the cards for you). Confetti costs $1.50 extra, and international postage – additional $1.

Best yet, after you send that first free card, the following Punkposts will cost you $6 each (however, this is still probably less than what you spend on a letterpress card and a stamp in a store, and I’m not even accounting for the saved time).

My Conclusion:

This is one of the COOLEST and easiest ways to send old fashioned snail-mail, and certainly the fastest. Especially if you aren’t too happy about your handwriting or simply don’t have the extra time.


Spring Bounty – Carol Gaab’s garden sculptures featured in exhibit ~ SF Bay Area

Northern California’s Carol Gaab is featured in the “Florals and Figures”  Spring 2011 exhibition at Studio Seven Arts, as covered in today’s Contra Costa Times, by Jennifer Modenessi

Exhibit – Spring Bounty
Pleasanton’s Studio Seven Arts celebrates warm weather and longer days with “Florals & Figures,” an exhibition showcasing seasonal creations by seven artists. Offerings include ceramic sculpture by Carol Gaab, whose “Garden Goddess” is pictured, and paintings by Florence de Bretagne, Diane Pruett, Lorraine Lawson, Rob Ransley, Robin Purcell and Debbie Wardrope. View the work 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays, 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays and 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sundays at 400 Main St., Pleasanton. Admission is free.

Artist Steven Memering – Fantasy Realism

Artist Steve Memering, a California favorite based in Sacramento, will be in the Studio Seven Art gallery in Pleasanton on Saturday April 9th demonstrating and displaying his creative and elegant collection of colorful Koi fish paintings.

Steve creates exciting works featuring bold, rich and bright colors, and powerful imagery stemming from his own interpretations, his oil paintings create the perfect blend of fantasy and realism.

From his own website….The artist travels the world over and paints his impressions, on canvas. The result is impressive, he paints these places as one mind and heart might remember them, not as camera would.He paints these places as one mind and heart might remember them, not as camera would.The result is what he calls “Fantasy Realism.”